Healing for Wellness

What does it mean to be “well” or what does it mean to feel “whole”? These are two concepts that depend on what it means for you in your life. Working on wellness sometimes looks like routine preventative care; sometimes it looks like additional support “when you are going through something – a transition, a trauma, an illness;” sometimes wellness means a practice of connecting to Spirit or creating a container for the sacred – carved out just for you and your Spirit.

Supporting your wellness will always consider the many forces of your life: environment, relationships, nutrition, rest, passion, movement, and creativity. This work answers the questions, “what does being well look like for you?” and supports your ‘way of being.’ Wellness appointments have a strong foundation in empowerment work and resourcing.

There are a few goals that I hold for your session.  I wish to offer you streamlined and clear intuitive information to help you gain clarity on the issue that we are working with.  I wish to offer your energy system an opportunity to come back to balance through a treatment. And finally, I also wish to offer you resources to help maintain that balance and create a new baseline that allows you to continue to evolve your perspective and grow the capacity of your nervous and energetic systems.

Amelia did more for me in one session than 14 years of psychotherapy.

John P., Durham, NC
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Energy Healing Consultations – Information, Pricing and Packages

Easy! Use my scheduler and find a time that fits with your schedule. If you don’t see a time that fits your schedule, then e-mail me. Please know that I receive a lot of e-mails and this can sometimes take a few days to return a message. I do the very best that I can to be attentive and responsive in a respectful amount of time.

We will start with a Foundation Session. This is an impactful 2-hour session. In this session, we discover a map of your existing energy patterns so that we can really get clear on what you need. Usually, we uncover limiting patterns that have been lingering around for quite a long time. After discovering, and usually shifting some things along the way, we move into a regular length energy therapy session.

Typically, you will find me in my office on  Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Friday mornings and by phone / Skype other days of the week. I do my best to accommodate time zones.

My office is in Durham, NC. For distance clients, we can meet on the phone or Zoom.

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