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Energy Techniques for Post-Traumatic Self-Care

  1. Pendulation – using intentional vision and moving your attention between different areas of the body, oscillating between sensations (the language of experiences) and a chair or in a current safe, comfortable place. This experience is an active practice that helps you to navigate your body like a gentle and loving explorer and can support you building pathways to safety in the physical body. This technique was taught to me by Heather Langan, LPC, LCSW and through the work of Peter Levine, Phd.
  2. Notice what is known – using intentional vision to bring your attention to what is around you. This technique helps to move the energy system back into a smaller presentation and channels your mental energy towards safer and more sturdy aspects of the world around you. This technique was taught to me by various different professional mental health providers.
  3. The 2:4 breath – this breath can be 2 seconds inhale and 4 seconds exhale or 3 seconds inhale and 6 seconds exhale. How long you are breathing doesn’t matter, the point is that a longer exhale helps to bring calm into the body.  This can be partnered by placing the hands palm down on your legs and intending to no longer accept additional external energy. When you turn the palms of your hands down, the minor chakras (or energy centers) of the hands are no longer open to the world. Both of these techniques can help bring calm to you.
  4. Swaddling – using the intention of generating safety and well being, take your right hand and place it on your left shoulder and take your left hand and place it around your right waist.  You are now holding and swaddling your own body.  If you do not have hands or arms, intend that your energy arms and hands are holding you.  By using intention, the energy body responds just as the physical one does to your thoughts and directions.   This hold lovingly brings your energy closer to you and reduces the space in which story, noise and stress are rolling around actively in your body.
  5. Sounding “Vu” – using the pendulation technique above, when you reach in and find that there are areas of sensations that arrive.  You can agitate them or vibrate them to help move the stuck energy by chanting the sound “Vu”. It sounds much like the deep sound of an “Aum” but the strong sound of the “V” seems to cut through the energy strongly.
  6. Awe and Wonder (Rick Hanson, Phd.) – acknowledging that we are always changing and growing new pathways, using our intention and focused thought to bring beautiful things into our awareness and body in a deep way, helps our body to find faster access to the beautiful in life.  This practice of looking towards awe and wonder can slowly re-pattern how we view the world in a positive and impactful way. Many times in trauma we tend to look towards what is hard, what hurts, and what is worrisome or anxiety producing. This practice is a simple and wonderful way to begin to not dismiss what is there, but to look for what else is there that might be beautiful.  

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Healing Touch Resources

Self-Chakra Connection – a self-care method that helps to connect, open, and balance the energy system.  This is a wonderful self-care method that can be done anytime of day.  I love to do it in the morning to help me bring myself into a new day or in the evening to help relax me before bed. The quality of the technique is determined by the intention that I bring to it.  

AM affirmation/intention:  “Today, I wish to stay open to life and may this technique help to support this pattern”

PM affirmation/intention: “Tonight, I wish to dream deeply and allow my energy body to restore itself and may this technique help to support these wishes.

Self Chakra Connection Hand Placements/ Directions

Body Map as a Healing Resource (rather than informational)

The following Body Map, which is available through my regular website, was used in a very specific way during the pre-conference workshop. As you read through this resource, consider the teachings and the voices of the different body parts and turn them into affirmations.  Where the map shares that each body area “carries the wisdom of”… you may think, “My hands are wisdom keepers of…” this will change the energy from educational to healing. 

We are often taught that the way to enlightenment is beyond the body, but there is a seedbed of magnificence, wisdom, and illumination sitting in the joints, tissues, and organs of your body.  The space in the knee holds the wisdom of joy and self-compassion; the bend in the elbow holds the forward bursts of creativity that allow you to bring your heart’s art  (whatever that be for you) into the world.  The shoulders carry messages of what we are endeavoring through or what is sitting as burdens in our life. 

This body wisdom map is like a three dimensional topographical map that shares the wisdoms sitting just inside the contours of your physical body. 

May this wisdom map inspire you to re-claim and re-remember the enlightened inner teachers of your sacred anatomy.



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