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Amelia Vogler Healer Intuitive Mentor Durham NCMy work focuses around returning individuals back to what is elemental in them. This “coreness,” or this “groundedness,” is what removes us from the of the modern rat race and returns us to the simplicity, the elegance, and the easiness of just being present to life. I’m not talking about changing all sorts of drastic things! I’m talking about reconnecting to the sacred, sweet, calm, imaginative and creative you.

Most of my sessions are informed and supported by the energy of the elementals – the archetypes and architects of our natural world. Energy is the code of life and the elemental energies are those that return us to be in relationship with the enduring essential aspects of the planet and ourselves. These elements are beyond religion, beyond gender, beyond division and connect us to energy that is pure, limitless, and of the strongest potential to return us to our power, our self-love, and our radiant health. These are a few reasons why I love them.  I’m talking about reconnecting to the sacred, sweet, calm, imaginative and creative you and celebrating the changes that arrive when you are actually living connected to here. 
The Universal principals that underlie energy therapy can be applied to all areas of life – in health, in relationships, and also, in your professional work. I want to invite you to look around my site and contact me to ask questions or to work together during a free consultation. I’d like to give you an opportunity to reach in and see if we are a good fit!

With abundant love,
Amelia Vogler Durham NC, Healer Intuitive Mentor

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Ancient methods with modern protocols for chronic illness, pain management, surgical support, oncology care, limiting beliefs, accident recovery, and Spiritual rejuvenation.

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Create wellness in the body and deepen your practice of sacred inquiry through guided imagery, meditations, and affirmations.  New meditations and affirmations coming soon!

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Discover the successful practice that you are curious about.  It is literally pulling you towards it… and I know you can feel it.  It’s like the little consistent dream that offers itself behind your day to day.  Let’s create it; it’s time, I promise.

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Deepen in your skills to support others and enrich your life with healing wisdom of energy.  Meet some of the Elementals, study Healing Touch or find a seat learning about 13 Chakras or in another Advanced Program.

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Enjoy my recent interview on elemental healing and elephant wisdom.

Learn why elemental healing is so special and receive the channeled wisdom from Majoon, a pregnant elephant in Thailand.
She teaches living evolution: preserving memory, life passed through generations, and the role of love as we walk together.

Majoon elephant Amelia Vogler

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Channeled wisdom from a pregnant elephant on carrying life into new generations and living evolution. 

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Reclaim Your Life

Energy healing is about going deeper with your self.

This work is about learning what serves your spirit and what doesn’t; learning what supports and impassions you; and discovering your natural abilities that enable you to shift patterns that are holding you back from an easy life. I want to support you in living through your greatest potential and restoring your physical health, mental clarity, and reconnecting you to your own purposeful sacredness to live an easy and fulfilling life.

I believe in you.