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Grounding & Energy Medicine Specialist

meditation guide and internationally respected teacher of energy medicine

Healing is an intentional self-directed process that frees you from patterns that hold you back, overwhelm you, and eclipse your clarity. Healing is coming home to your authentic self and touches on all the levels of your life – the body, the mind, the emotions, and the Spirit.

In energy-speak, these patterns are energies that have been frozen in your energy system. They act like loops, showing up again and again, essentially saying “Hey look over here!  There’s something here for you to take a look at!”   Our work is identifying these looping patterns and helping to get that energy flowing again.  The unfolding is a beautiful essential process of realigning with your authentic self.

So, how is this life-changing partnership accomplished?

As a highly trained spiritual coach and energy healer, I am skilled at finding and helping you shift dis-serving patterns in your life.  These patterns can be thoughts about the way the world treats your or beliefs about how you live in the world.  You will always carry your history, healing is not about erasing pattterns, it’s about loosening their hold over you which can manifest in worry, anxiety, unsettling feelings, or dis-serving limiting beliefs.

Some individuals that I work with know (or have an idea of) where these patterns came from but most times people that I work with don’t. Sometimes, I even have individuals say, “I have a sense that I came into the world feeling this way.”  This awareness is often confirmed during our working together, as when we work in energy, we are working with your essential nature – one that has been with you a long, long time.

Some of the common patterns I hear people say, are that “they never really belonged here;” “they never felt whole;”  “that they feel unlovable;” or “never felt like they could connect with others.”   Many people say, that they have been carrying these feelings for their whole lives or they are aware that they were seeded in early-childhood experiences.   Working with these patterns are my specialty.

Our work together helps you see these patterns or beliefs with a new perspective and allows you to create new meaning and awareness.  This new perspective brings you into a deeper understanding of yourself and your authentic nature.  With new meaning, you bring yourself to life and old patterns or ways of knowing yourself get less powerful.    This is healing.    You then move on to choose more of what is in alignment for you and more that nurtures and supports you.

I have two different ways of working; both are unique and highly personalized.

The first way is through what I might consider more of traditional healing work where we meet together and explore one issue at a time, one session at a time.  Many people find that even after the first session, we have made significant strides forward in loosening the grip of an old pattern.

The second way I work is through monthly coaching.  It’s important to add that, coaching in my practice includes energy healing as one of the primary therapeutic vehicles. Insightful reflection, intuitive awareness, and energy-based methods accompany us in our coaching journey.

I’m very happy and heartened that you found me here and I look forward to exploring if we are good partners for your healing intentions. I welcome you to my website and hope you can make some time to read about my work, browse the testimonials, and maybe even read about some of my energy classes in the Institute. If you are curious about how we can work together, please look up my FREE consultation and fill out the pre-session booking form. This helps me to reply meaningfully to your request and set up a time to talk with some initial thoughts and direction.

With kindness and caring,

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Cyndi Dale, Intuitive and Author of 27 Energy Medicine Books

Energy healing supports you finding and living through your truth, beauty, and goodness.

The Universal principals (love and cosmic law) that underlie energy medicine can be applied to all areas of your life. Together we explore how the evolutionary codes of life and consciousness unfold in benevolent support of your radiant health; deep and lasting relationships; and the claiming of your passions.
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