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Above everything else in life, give to all that seek your aid the fullest measure of love, for love releases, love adjusts, and interprets and heals on all planes. 

-Alice Bailey, Esoteric Healing

Specialist in Energy Medicine

My specialty is helping Spiritually-sensitive individuals re-cover, re-remember, and restore themselves during (or in the time after) difficult life events.

During a difficult life event, things don’t seem familiar – often we feel unsafe, hurt, angry; we can loose trust in those around us or become unclear about who we are. 

Sometimes, we disassociate from our own beauty and can’t think clearly enough to find our footing. 

Sometimes, we no longer feel safe in our own bodies. Sometimes we no longer feel worthy or loveable. 

Sometimes, we start feeling disconnected to others or we just find relationships to be really challenging.

Sometimes, we loose touch with the Divine and can even be angry or feel disconnected from Source.

Sometimes, we realize we’ve never felt these things or we can identify deeply with some of these difficult and confusing states of being. These are all important aspects of our safety and well-being. These are pillars to happiness and joy. These are the foundational pillars of feeling safe and necessary for healing. 

If you are going through “something” and you need someone to help you find your footing; regain your balance; and teach you how to find and use your inner resources to re-remember who you are, I’m your woman.

I’ve cultivated an art for helping you re-remember:

  • that your body is a sanctuary
  • that your light is indistinguishable
  • that your Truth is fierce and uncompromising
  • that you are worthy of the most beautiful and glorious love (and it is already streaming to you)
  • that you are creative 
  • that your voice is the song of the most precious angel on this planet
  • that you are supported
  • that your dreams are valuable beyond measure
  • that your life is a gift to this World
  • that intimacy and connection with others is something you can have (and enjoy) in your life
  • that your connection to Spirit is strong and realized

In this process of re-remembering, there is a re-claiming of power, a re-focusing of priorities, and a celebration of all that you are and all that you are becoming.  And in the process of re-remembering the beauty that you are, you will have me in your corner – and I am a fierce, yet gentle advocate for your Spirit, your heart, your body, your creativity, and your freedom to be fully enlivened in your life. 

If you enjoy the poetry of Mary Oliver; the empowering, yet theoretically grounded, messages of Brene Brown, Phd;  the nueroplasticity research of Rick Hanson, PhD; and the earth-based teachings of Martin Pretchel and Joseph Rael, you’ll find these running through our work together.  You will also find the gentle, creative, imaginative workings of a deeply whimsical woman who weaves mystery, miracle, and wonder into the fabric of our sessions.

If you want tools, empowerment and education, I will share with you resources to support you in your process of re-remembering.  If you want someone to “fix” your problems, I am not your person.

Healing is a verb; it’s a process, and I’m here to support you as you command the ground back under your feet; demand from a place of goodness and rightness; and speak from the empowered place of deep self-love.

You are warmly invited to get to know me through my site and if called, explore with me during a free 30 minute consultation.

With abundant love,
Amelia Vogler Durham NC, Healer Intuitive Mentor

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Energy healing supports you finding and living through your truth, beauty, and goodness.

The Universal principals (love and cosmic law) that underlie energy therapy can be applied to all areas of your life. Together we explore how the code of life can be harnessed in benevolent support of your radiant health; in beautiful intimate relationships, and also the claiming of your passions and your professional work.


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