Gratitude Ceremony for All Living Beings Meditation. Music. Art. Love. November 21, 2021
12pm - 1:30pm EST
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The Great Practice of Grounding
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FREE ENERGETIC VACCINE INTEGRATION KIT™ Six energetic protocols are designed to support and enhance the harmony of new vaccine energy in your body. Each protocol is available in video and audio formats. 1 – Grounding the Energy Body
2 – Energizing the Energy Pathways
3 – Working with the Vaccine Prior to Administration
4 – Clearing, Opening, and Balancing the Energy Body to Harmonize with the Vaccine
5 – Soothing the injection Site
6 – Clearing and Supporting the Liver
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Grounding & Energy Medicine Specialist

There is a well of unseen wisdom, an undefinable great-something that is documented and discussed in philosophical writing and religious texts. And even now in the new sciences and quantum physics.

This great-something isn’t confined to the past, nor is it something in the future. It’s here, full and vibrant and alive. It’s waiting for you to ground to it, partner with it, and create a lasting relationship with it. It isn’t somewhere you go or something you learn; it’s already known; it just needs to be remembered.

This great-something is a fantastic collection of energies that arrange themselves in service of possibility and infinite healing. These energies are cosmic messengers bringing the wisdom of your inner sage. These energies fill the well of your inspiration and seed your creativity.
This great-something is something I am blessed to share. It flows through my healing sessions, classes, programs, products, and guided meditations—reaching you in impactful and yet gentle ways.

Healing is an intentional action. The unfolding is a beautiful essential process of realigning with your authentic self.

Helping you partner with this great-something and learn to ground it in your every day are my gifts and specialties.

So, how is this life-changing partnership accomplished?

I assist you in finding the keys to your physical healing.
The great-something is the code that brings your physical cells back into balance and homeostasis.

I assist you in finding the keys to your emotional healing.
The great-something is the alchemy of new perspective, inner resources, and a reduction of stress hormones in the body.

I assist you in finding the keys to your happiness and inspiration.
The great-something connects you to the language of your dreams and your inner-most desires.

I assist you in finding the keys to your contentment.
The great-something furnishes your home of inner peace.

I assist you in keeping these keys active and grounded in your life.  

The great-something wants to partner with you, not just in our time together, but in every moment. Many times underneath pain and suffering (emotional, physical, or spiritual), there is an underlying life-long limiting belief or way of being that is keeping you stuck in a pattern. I dig deep to help you uncover the root pattern and install the misplaced key. Together, we set that pattern free through conscious energetic methods.

I want to invite you to a 30-minute free consultation so that we can have a conversation about what it might look like to work together. Meanwhile, as you browse these pages, and read my words, know that you are already loved and welcomed.

Remember that you are love, and anything is possible for your life, your health, and your Spirit.

With abundant love,

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Cyndi Dale, Intuitive and Author of 27 Energy Medicine Books

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Energy healing supports you finding and living through your truth, beauty, and goodness.

The Universal principals (love and cosmic law) that underlie energy medicine can be applied to all areas of your life. Together we explore how the evolutionary codes of life and consciousness unfold in benevolent support of your radiant health; deep and lasting relationships; and the claiming of your passions.
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