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Amelia Vogler | Healer, Intuitive, Mentor

My specialty is helping people really and truly “be here” and create the life and health that they have always dreamed or imagined for themselves.

This includes working with individuals who “came into” this life unable to truly feel anchored to their body, disconnected from the planet, unable to enjoy intimate relationships and friendships, and with little sense of their strong and healthy body.

Clients work with me to address the underlying soul-level imprints of systemic stress, illness, lack of grounding.  I support them in becoming re-connected with a deep sense of safety, access to their body’s innate healing wisdoms, and the opportunities to become abundantly creative.  All of which is their birth right on this planet and in this lifetime.

Together we release the chains and bindings of soul-level strongholds, negative belief patterns, and cords and contracts that keep you from joy, abundance, health, and the ability to live a creative and deeply fulfilling life.

Those who typically seek out my support include:

Individuals who feel caged by belief patterns of unworthiness or disconnection from the planet, the body, the heart, or with Spirit.

For example, I regularly hear and support the underlying beliefs in these statements:

“I don’t want to be here”   “I don’t belong here”   “I don’t feel safe on the planet”   “I have never felt grounded”   “I’ve never felt whole”   “I can’t sustain strong relationships”    “I don’t love myself”   “I’m not good enough”   “I’m not worthy”   “I don’t deserve happiness” “I’m being punished for something”   “I can’t have relationships”   “I am afraid of people”   “I don’t feel like my body is truly mine”   “I don’t trust my body”   “I can’t create abundance and money”   “I am being punished”   “I can’t connect with God”

Together, we break the connections to these beliefs, or strongholds, and nourish their free Spirits with the energetic support and intuitive guidance that they need to really and truly live on this beautiful planet in their beautiful body.

Individuals who have an immediate health concern, such as a negative health diagnosis (examples: cancer or injury) or complex chronic illnesses as a result of a bio-toxin (examples: Lymes disease, mold, or toxic poisoning).

These clients have received a diagnosis and this diagnosis has brought up feelings of “not wanting to be here” or feeling “displaced within their body.”

Together, we bring them back into their body so that they can be strongly in relationships with their inherent and innate healing wisdoms.

Individuals who have undergone a specific life event that immediately triggered a sense of displacement or disassociation between the Spirit and the body.

These clients are usually incredibly loving and sensitive individuals who have suffered through a moment where the world became unsafe. The best thing that their sweet spirit knew to do was to leave the body and go somewhere else because it was safer there. (This happened to me in after last US Presidential election.)

Together, we regain their true sense of safety so that they can really and truly live their life, connected to their body, connected to this beautiful planet, connected to their heart’s desires, and connected to the Divine (whatever that looks like for them).   From here…  anything becomes possible.

Individuals who are desiring to make a change in their life path or professional path. 

These clients are those who have worked in a field that is completely over-running their sweet Spirit and they are finding themselves crashing under the mighty forces of being unaligned with their truest potential and heart’s desires.

Together, we take a look at what is holding you into a “job” or “situation” and we unwind the energies that keep you stuck. Using a combination of energy medicine, intuitive consulting, and personalized sacred ritual and ceremony, we free you up to really be and become that which your heart and Spirit know possible for you.

 You are warmly invited get to know me through my site and feel free to contact me to explore how I can help you in a free 30 minute consultation.

With abundant love,
Amelia Vogler Durham NC, Healer Intuitive Mentor

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Please accept the gift of a FREE GROUNDING MEDITATION recorded for you with love. This meditation leads you through a short grounding exercise to calm you into a state of supported relaxation; and provides an opportunity for you to grow closer to the healing emissaries of nature and your own inner light.


Healing Touch Mentoring, Amelia Vogler Durham NC

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Intuitive Mentoring Amelia Vogler

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Listen below to a recent interview with Amelia

as she shares a little about how she works with natural and elemental healing and the channeled elephant teachings that she received in Thailand.

Learn why elemental healing is so special. Receive the teachings of Majoon, a pregnant elephant in Thailand, who shared her teachings on ‘living evolution‘: preserving one’s memory; life passed through generations; and the role of love as we walk together.

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Majoon elephant Amelia Vogler

I believe in you.

Energy healing supports you finding and living through your truth, beauty, and goodness.

The Universal principals (love and cosmic law) that underlie energy therapy can be applied to all areas of your life. Together we explore how the code of life can be harnessed in benevolent support of your radiant health; in beautiful intimate relationships, and also the claiming of your passions and your professional work.