Cyndi Dale

Cyndi Dale, Author of 27 bestselling energy medicine books, including The Subtle Body series.

Amelia’s heart and skill for healing is boundless. Her knowledge base about energy healing is vast–and even more powerful–is the accuracy and compassion she brings to every session, class, and endeavor. I’ve not met anyone with her precision of truth and energy medicine expertise. It’s been my good fortune to share time with her and be on the receiving end of her blessed gifts.

Belinda Womack

Belinda Womack, Author of Lessons from the 12 Archangels, Divine Intervention in Daily Life

Amelia is a real and bonafide Angel living inside her human Being. The healing energy and intuitive insight that comes through her is fantastically powerful, all-loving, clear, and miraculous. The gratitude that I feel for “Angel Amelia’s” X-ray vision and ability to move out crystalized pain from over 2000 miles away is infinite in depth and width. And one more thing, I rarely ask for human help and Amelia’s help is nothing less than God’s pure grace.

Dr. Linda Burrs, Dayton, OH

After our session yesterday, upon waking this morning, I feel different in my spirit. I feel more “free”. I woke up this morning ready to face my new perspective on life with confidence and hope and excitement. Thank you, my soul sister, for being there for me, for your continued support and love, and for your commitment to making a difference for so many.

Leah R.

It’s been about 1 month since our New Client session when we worked on one of my core limiting beliefs. The most significant shift that I’ve noticed is that I no longer feel the intense self-hatred that had plagued me all my life. I can’t even begin to tell you what a relief this is for me. I can also sense there is more space that has opened up inside of me. I can sense an aliveness stirring within.

Lisa N.

Thank you for the lovely session. Today I feel much more present and connected with my children. Since I embarked on the healing path, this is the first time that I received actual healing from someone and it's amazing. When you grounded me, each part of my body began to become alive and feel more visible. I feel more "earthy" now, like I can be here.

Jo Ann, BioResonance Practitioner, Queensland, Australia

I have had a few distance intuitive counseling sessions with Amelia Vogler and found them to be enormously helpful. Her natural gentle and calming nature immediately put me at ease, and she uses her energetic and healing gifts to help me understand more clearly the relationships and dynamics that shape my world.

a dying client’s words

The feeling harvested from our work yesterday is very much with me, as is your energy. I am touched and thinking about you as part of my fabric now.

All of me feels met and satisfied, and I am so grateful. Your words are a balm. My spirit and body quicken in response. I relax at the naming of what seems to be true to me but which has not been articulated so clearly. Our work has proved potent for me in clear and at the same time mysterious ways. I hope we are in each other's company again at some point. I cannot help but feel that you are a significant presence in this dying process, and I am more comforted by that than I can express.

Rochelle S.

I was expecting a giant shift like from our free consultation. Then, I had an opportunity to really sit and reflect on where I was after our new client call. I realized that I have a strong and permanent sense of peace and security (safety). AMAZING.

It was such an amazing experience and opportunity to work with you on my journey! Thank you for your amazing work and authenticity in your healing. Truly an honor. Thank you!

Michele D.

Our work has proved so fruitful. It is remarkable in its power and subtlety - and it is sublime in places. I cannot find the belief/feeling ANYWHERE in me that I am not enough. It is the first time practically since I was born. And I wasn't looking for that experience. Just one day after our work it dawned on me very gently that I was basically good. Oh, my... Now, I'm ready to work on the next level that longs for acceptance/release. It's moving forward in my consciousness; I can feel it.

Maryann D.

Thank you so much for offering such enlightening, loving opportunities for growth! You present the material in such an easy, interesting and fun way. Your material is clear and easy to understand and each time l review it more layers are understood. Exploration of my past, insights and the energy work from our session on 7/06 continues to be felt. Recognising what l am hanging onto and letting go has been the focus since then. I feel more grounded, confident and peaceful. I remind myself that l can offer support and don't have to fix things. My bladder function is near normal as l let go. Thank you! Thank you! Blessings and much love to you!

Rebecca S., Cary, NC

Amelia has healed deep emotional wounds for me. When I was in mourning over the death of my sister-in-law, she held my feet in her hands and brought me back to the current moment.

John P., Durham, NC

Amelia did more for me in one session than 14 years of psychotherapy.

Sandy K, Intuitive, CHTP, Illinois, IN

Amelia is a pure channel of goodness and light, as well as a person of grace, charm and humor. Having her involved in any group raises its vibration. Amelia is a visionary creator, writer and poet. She is a gifted curriculum designer, whether offering classes online or in person. Her speaking voice and her words have both an ethereal and a very practical effect. You are exceedingly blessed to know Amelia in any capacity.

Anonymous, Chapel Hill, NC

Amelia, I want to thank you for supporting our son through his cancer journey. This process was so difficult for me as a mother, watching him go through this treatment and each time he saw you his Spirit was renewed and visibly stronger, his digestion was better, and his pain levels were reduced. It was a great gift to have you supporting his final surgery. I will miss seeing you every few weeks, you were a bright spot through a few very difficult years, and I am grateful for you. We will remember you forever.

Jesse S., Chapel Hill, NC

Amelia and I have worked together for two years since I was re-diagnosed with cancer that required surgery and treatment. Amelia has helped me feel and revisit painful traumas in ways that have been safe, supportive, and transformative. I am more curious about myself, my becoming, and the world since working with Amelia because I feel grounded, creative, and healthy again after living in fear from early life experiences. I recommend Amelia — in all her wisdom, deep care, humor, and teaching — to anyone seeking to co-create healing and expansion.

Julie R., Martha’s Vineyard, MA

Working with Amelia has been an extraordinary experience. The love, kindness, support and confidence I have felt…it has been a deep, deep connection – even though it’s over the phone. Beyond the miracle of energy healing that I have felt in every one of our sessions (and extending far beyond), it is the safety and trust that stand out for me as the most exceptional gift I have received. Amelia instantly and truly saw ME in a way that allowed me to see me in new and clearer ways. Oh, to be truly seen…and then, truly loved.

Glenn C., Raleigh, NC

I have known and worked with Amelia for close to 12 years. She is truly a gifted healer and always there for me when I need her help. Amelia has helped me in many ways to improve my health, return me to my center, and keep me grounded. Her gifts are exceeded only by the passion she brings to every session.

Kim B., Washington, DC

Amelia is a compassionate, gentle, kind and competent healer who communicates in a language easy to understand, makes useful suggestions for ‘homework,’ and, most importantly, does great energy work. I felt better immediately after my energy therapy session with her. I am happy to have such an effective healer and lovely teacher on my journey.


Debra Green, PhD

Debra Green, PhD, Mind Body Specialist and author of Endless Energy: The Essential Guide to Energy Health

I have had the privilege and pleasure of working with Amelia for five years in her capacity as Executive Director of Healing Touch Professional Association in marketing my online programs. In that time, I was struck by her ability to bridge heart and mind, to traverse the sacred and the mundane with elegance and ease, to bring grounded integrity coupled with warmth and compassion. It is truly rare to work with someone who embodies authentic holism and balance like she does. I am excited for Amelia as she embarks on expanding her healing practice and teaching. And I’m very excited for anyone who experiences her profound and transformative work.

Cynthia – DNSc, RN, HTCP/I , Former Educational Program Director, Healing Touch Program, Boulder, CO.

Students and clients will find Amelia to emanate kindness, knowledge, professionalism and warmth of heart. Amelia holds high standards of ethics and service for herself as a practitioner and instructor. She empowers those around her to be introspective, to build self-confidence and to find their strengths and visions. Her sense of humor and humility along with her professionalism create a sense of sacred space for healing and personal growth.

Allison Moser, HTP, PKP Practitioner/Instructor, TFH Consultant/Instructor

I had a wonderful mentorship experience with Amelia and consider working with her a golden opportunity. I learned more than energy skills from Amelia. She is honest, genuine, authentic, and lovely to be around and to work with. And to have had the opportunity to observe her manage people and teach people was valuable to my education. We met at least once a month via phone conversation, and several times in person. She was always available to me for questions regarding my work with my clients and I grew quickly. My practice grew quickly as well. Amelia was encouraging and congratulated me on the work I’d accomplished. Amelia’s confidence in me gave me confidence in myself, and whatever I may have been struggling with eventually became second nature. I grew in psychic knowledge as well, with Amelia as my guide I was able to pick up a lot naturally. I highly recommend mentoring with Amelia. Her mentoring style was a very good fit for me.

Megan O., Ashville, NC

Whether you are new to energy medicine or a regular consumer/practitioner, I highly recommend retaining the services of Amelia at any stage of your development. Amelia served as my mentor in the Healing Touch program and was an excellent teacher and collaborator as I moved my practice forward. She is knowledgeable, highly intuitive, and has probably the biggest heart of anyone I know. You will only benefit from working with her.


Anya Charles , Editor-in-Chief Energy Magazine

Amelia's bi-monthly column brings a unique, modern, and deep perspective on grounding. I'm amazed by the depth of her knowledge and the grace of her pen; I often find myself feeling the energy move as I follow along the practices that she offers.. She is a true teacher of these new times; a wonderful new and refreshing voice in the field of Energy Medicine!

Cynthia – DNSc, RN, HTCP/I , Former Educational Program Director, Healing Touch Program, Boulder, CO.

Students and clients will find Amelia to emanate kindness, knowledge, professionalism and warmth of heart. Amelia holds high standards of ethics and service for herself as a practitioner and instructor. She empowers those around her to be introspective, to build self-confidence and to find their strengths and visions. Her sense of humor and humility along with her professionalism create a sense of sacred space for healing and personal growth.

John Walcott, Teacher of Martial Arts, Medical Qigong, and Qigong Healing

There is no better teacher than Amelia, whether you are a seasoned practitioner or brand new to this path, she will inspire you and help you create the foundation that you need to soar in this work. She’s one of the great teachers in my life and I greatly recommend her.

Judith Brooks, Author of “Deeper in the Garden”, Herbalist, and Acupuncturist

For 10 years, Amelia and I have traveled together as colleagues in the field. When I first took her classes, I was astounded by the depth of her teachings and the ease and beauty of her delivery. Her teachings on energy medicine and grounding have been of great personal benefit to myself and my clients in my own healing practice. Amelia is a warm and compassionate healer and an incredibly gifted teacher; she deeply embodies what she teaches, which brings grounding and integrity to what she shares.

Rebecca Newton, Musician, Producer

Amelia Vogler’s “ Cosmology of Change” class was an extraordinary experience. She is obviously well-versed in the material and her teaching has a great flow. There is time to interact throughout and at the end of each session. Amelia incorporates her scientific knowledge seamlessly into each class and has FABULOUS guided meditations at the ends. I learned so much in such a short amount of time – not just theoretical knowledge, but applicable knowledge – the best kind! Well done Amelia! Thank you.

Will Ridenour, Musician

Over several years of collaboration, I have seen firsthand Amelia’s remarkable abilities manifest a healing experience. In seminars, classes, or on recordings, her voice and Spirit radiate “something” special; her gentle presence harmonizes any space. She creates and holds sacred containers with reverence, freshness, and truth and I would encourage you to seek time with her.

Shannon S., Sedona, AZ

Amelia has the ability to walk between worlds and hear the whisper of nature’s subtle language. With these gifts she bestows great knowledge in the realm of harmonic resonance, elemental endowments, and mind-body-nature connection. Her ability to ground, center, and enlighten her clients is unmatched. Yet one of her best attributes is how she facilitates events and training exercises. Bringing people together comes naturally to her as everyone has the freedom to harness their own sacred powers which puts the collective group at ease.

Kathleen W., SAS Institute • Cary, NC

I recently took a corporate wellness class with Amelia and it was amazing. I love her as an instructor. During our time together, I learned techniques to help me calm myself down during times of stress and also some really interesting ways to work with intention to help me be more present with myself. What she taught me has been so amazing in my day-to-day life! As a teacher, she is so relaxed and “put together” the entire class. I gained so much insight and knowledge and I absolutely think you should take a course with her! You’ll absolutely love her. She’s darling (and so knowledgeable!).

Patricia A., HTCP

Amelia, thanks for sharing your knowledge in the Cosmology of Change course. You know so much about so much. Your ability to assimilate complex information into simplistic and digestible form is a work of art in motion. You are a natural teacher!

Anonymous Student, Journey of the Mystic

Amelia radiates. Yes, she radiates. That is how bright her light is. This journey with Amelia was magical for me, and I am beyond grateful for her loving guidance and teachings. Her knowledge is vast, her words are understandable and melodic, and her honesty and compassion are palpable. Her gift of holding sacred space for us all, even with a recording, is powerful. I felt so loved and nurtured on this journey. My gratitude abounds for Amelia and this life-changing journey.

Anya M., SAS Institute • Cary, NC

Amelia rocks. She’s funny. She’s great at what she teaches. And she’s sensitive in the way that everyone in the class gets something personal from her. She just knew exactly what I was needing during the workshops. She also can articulate difficult and complicated subjects with grace. She’s also so light-hearted and makes you feel so at home with the material, even though it is at times complicated and deeply personal. I feel like I know myself better, and that there are deep parts of me that are better understood (but without judgment, only beautiful curiosity).


Steve H., Durham, NC

Amelia, I have never felt so ready, so centered, so prepared, so calm for my surgery. I can’t express adequately what you did for me that day. You probably changed the rest of my life.

Kim B., Duke Hospital • Durham, NC

As a result of years of severe menstrual pain and bleeding, I underwent a repeat laparoscopic procedure to remove endometriosis and fibrosis. I have had this surgery before. The first time (without Amelia), I awoke and experienced severe vomiting and pain; spent three weeks recovering from pain and stomach issues, and the days to follow the surgery were a complete blur from use of pain medicines.

This second time, I hired Amelia to support me. I’ve been under her care for my spiritual and emotional support prior to this, so I knew that she (and her work) was a source of great comfort to me. During this surgery, Amelia was with me from the moment I entered registration through post-op. Amelia began by helping me to manage my nervousness and fears that came from my first (unsupported) surgical experience. Especially having the same surgery before, I felt like I had an “idea” of what it might be like – and this made me incredibly uncomfortable. As soon as Amelia got there, I felt centered and balanced and remained so throughout the entire surgical process.

When we entered the pre-op area, Amelia helped mentally prepare me. This time around both I AND ALL OF MY NURSES were astounded. I had slight discomfort and nausea and within an hour (yes, one hour) I was discharged.

Amelia also worked with me postoperatively on anesthetic clearing. And within a few days I no longer needed pain medicine. She was a true blessing to my recovery, and I will never go through surgery without her again.

I recommend her whole-heartedly to anyone needing support in this very difficult time.

Group Healing

Min Green

If you think this group healing is less than a ”real” session, you´re wrong. This is a bonafide distance healing session! I have been attending Amelia´s Energetic Preventative program for nearly a year. Twice a month she does a group healing, taking the group in her skillful intentional and imaginative way. I had been suffering for the past five days from a sore pulled back/hip muscle and a head cold. This week during her Spiral Meditation, the pain literally spiraled out of my field. I knew I was healed before I even got up from the couch. And I feel great today! AND, this is not the first time, over the course of many many months, I have felt real and profound benefits from these sessions.

K. J.

Last session helped me come back to myself. Things I did not even mention however seemed to clear! For example, my bone-on-bone knee pain is gone and pain from my face mask was cleared after your call! That was amazing!

J. L.

Yesterday I listened to the second group recording and something important and new happened – I was able to ask for help. During the healing work, I felt my lower back and belly unclench and yesterday my back felt so much better.

C. R.

That was amazing. I could literally feel the energy moving through my body while you were voice guiding us. I had pain in my shoulder that completely went away after. Amelia is amazing!

S. N.

Amelia’s voice is so sweet and soothing, and I felt a tremendous amount of energy during the session! I understand that there were 50 attendees on the call, and the combined energy of all of us, facilitated by Amelia, was so full, rich and deep! Discomfort melted away, tight muscles relaxed, and I felt so much better by the end of the session. Thank you, Amelia!

Jesse Sorrell, Chapel Hill, NC

Amelia's Preventative Care Program has been a heart line for me throughout the pandemic. I experience clear-eyed peace in both the live calls and when I need to join later through the recording. I love Amelia's voice and poetic intelligence that helps me feel grounded and fluid at once!

C. B.

11 Days After the session: My blood pressure and heart rate have been stable! I am so appreciative and so grateful, for this healing and for the opportunity you have offered to allow this unfolding for myself and for all. Thank you for the divine love that comes through you!