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Healing / Intuitive

“Even though we reviewed it by phone, when I sat in my chair and listened to your message given for me I truly felt the experience with you. As you shared what I felt, I was actually feeling those things and as my body, spirit and mind were cleared I felt that clearing. I felt something being lifted off of me and removed from my body… something I no longer needed. It was gone and I felt a peacefulness I had not ever experienced. Once you and I talked and I experienced the “letting go” of what held me back, you sent me the actual reading. I am glad I had not read it first but rather experienced what you experienced with you. It was incredible and so uplifting. Amelia is gifted in so many ways, but this is perhaps her most powerful gift of all. Thank you Amelia for allowing me to share my experience. I encourage anyone wanting to “let go of what holds you back”, to ask Amelia to help you… she is very special and can help you as no one else can.”
Director, Cancer Services, Wound Services, Dietitians, Complimentary Therapies
Suffolk, VA

“I have had a few distance intuitive counseling sessions with Amelia Vogler and found them to be enormously helpful. Her natural gentle and calming nature immediately put me at ease, and she uses her energetic and healing gifts to help me understand more clearly the relationships and dynamics that shape my world. Since I am also an energetic practitioner, it is imperative that I have optimal emotional and intuitive support so I’m in a good place to help my clients – and Amelia provides me with that and more. I highly recommend a session with Amelia Vogler.”
– Jo Anne  – BioResonance Practitioner Queensland, Australia

“Dearest Amelia,
I cannot find the words to adequately thank you for the beautiful reading. I am overwhelmed by the breadth and depth of your response to my question. I feel honored to be the recipient of your special gift. Thank you for the lovely affirmation. I would be interested in having you take me through this reading by phone…My heartfelt thanks and many blessings.”
– Anne   Charlotte, NC

Working with Amelia has been an extraordinary experience. The love, kindness, support and confidence I have felt…it has been a deep, deep connection – even though it’s over the phone. Beyond the miracle of energy healing that I have felt in every one of our sessions (and extending far beyond), it is the safety and trust that stand out for me as the most exceptional gift I have received. Amelia instantly and truly saw ME in a way that allowed me to see me in new and clearer ways. Oh, to be truly seen…and then, truly loved. With so much gratitude, Julie Martha’s Vineyard, MA 

I have known and worked with Amelia for close to 7 years. She is truly a gifted healer and always there for me when I need her help. Amelia has helped me in many ways to improve my health, return me to my center, and keep me grounded. Her gifts are exceeded only by the passion she brings to every session.
Glenn  Raleigh, NC

“Students and clients will find Amelia to emanate kindness, knowledge, professionalism and warmth of heart. Amelia holds high standards of ethics and service for herself as a practitioner and instructor. She empowers those around her to be introspective, to build self-confidence and to find their strengths and visions. Her sense of humor and humility along with her professionalism create a sense of sacred space for healing and personal growth.”
Cynthia  DNSc, RN, HTCP/I
Educational Program Director, Healing Touch Program
Boulder, CO

“Dear Amelia, Thank you so much for your comprehensive notes, and for all the time and energy you spent on me. I found huge value in what you told me and what you showed me. We never stop learning, and I have learnt a lot about myself from you, which I must now try to put into action.”
A.D-D. West Stirlingshire, Scotland

A few months ago, I hit a personal & professional wall. Feeling out of sorts & off balance, I decided to see Amelia for a session. We had only connected by email but when I met her & explained how I was feeling, her kindness was immediate & respectful. Our session together helped me turn a corner, moving toward a series of discoveries & changes that have been extremely beneficial. Thank you, Amelia!”
– Christine  Hillsborough, NC

“[Amelia] did more for me in one session than 14 years of psychotherapy.”
– John Durham, NC

“I’ve seen Amelia for energy work several times now, and after every visit, I’ve had a new insight, felt my energy shift and balance, and had new confidence. She works with many different tools, including meditation and crystals, and her intuition is amazing. She is truly gifted and I count on her to help me when my world feels out of balance. She has never let me down.”
– Anna  Key West, FL

“I always feel energized after HT. And there have been times when I got on the table with pain, and that pain was gone when I got off the table. A couple of weeks ago, I slipped in the rain and whacked my knee pretty good. I limped around for awhile. Then I visited Amelia…she held one hand over my knee, and the other hand up in the air pointing away, and then the pain went away. I don’t understand it, and I don’t care.”
–Karen Cary, NC

“I feel like going outside and taking a walk. I haven’t felt able to do that in two years.”
– Annie Houston, TX

“Amelia is a compassionate, gentle, kind and competent healer who communicates in a language easy to understand, makes useful suggestions for ‘homework,’ and, most importantly, does great energy work. I felt better immediately after my energy therapy session with her. I am happy to have such an effective healer and lovely teacher on my journey.”
– Kim Washington, DC

“The amazing thing is that this bruise was a solid dark blue when I went to see Amelia Vogler on Monday afternoon for a Healing Touch appointment. My ankle was one of the things she worked on, and at the end of the hour, clear patches had appeared admidst the blue!

It was so dramatic an improvement we both wished that we had taken before and after pictures. And since then, the bruise has just been clearing up nicely.

I really can’t say enough about the work that Amelia has done on me. I am not clear what she does, but I always feel better afterward.”
– Karen Cary, NC

“Upon first meeting Amelia I was instantly wrapped in a calming energy. I took her contact information as a future resource for my patients. Months later when my own world started to spin with uncertainty and grief, she was the first step in regaining my footing. I would recommend her to anyone that has unexplainable malaise as a first step in seeking understanding for your health and spirit.”
– Natalie Durham, NC


As a result of years of severe menstrual pain and bleeding, I underwent a repeat laparoscopic procedure to remove endometriosis and fibrosis. I have had this surgery before.   The first time (without Amelia), I awoke and experienced severe vomiting and pain; spent three weeks recovering from pain and stomach issues, and the days to follow the surgery were a complete blur from use of pain medicines.

This second time, I hired Amelia to support me.  I’ve been under her care for my spiritual and emotional support prior to this, so I knew that she (and her work) was a source of great comfort to me.  During this surgery, Amelia was with me from the moment I entered registration through post-op.

Amelia begin by helping me to manage my nervousness and fears that came fro my first (unsupported) surgical experience. Especially having the same surgery before, I felt like I had an “idea” of what it might be like – and this made me incredibly uncomfortable.  As soon as Amelia go there, I felt centered and balanced and remained so throughout the entire surgical process.

When we entered the pre-op area, Amelia help mentally prepare me. This time around both I AND ALL OF MY NURSES were astounded. I had slight discomfort and nausea and within an hour (yes, one hour) I was discharged.

Amelia also worked with me postoperatively on anesthetic clearing. And within a few days I no longer needed pain medicine.  She was a true blessing to my recovery and I will never go through surgery without her again.

I recommend her whole-heartedly to anyone needing support in this very difficult time.
– Kim Cary, NC  Duke Hospital

“I truly believe without [Amelia’s] work “acceptance” of the surgery and my ability to recover would have truly been compromised. So happy that I was energetically able to deal with the surgery. You know whole heartily this was work we did together but you were most certainly guiding and supporting me with your gifts. This is something I hope all who are facing a surgery have the support of you.”
– Denise Cary, NC  UNC Main Hospital, Chapel Hill


Amelia is an extraordinary instructor. I’ve practiced yoga for 17 years and studied with some fabulous teachers (like, Shiva Rae) and while Amelia doesn’t teach yoga, the way in which she communicates energy is up there with the best. She makes it fun and approachable and provides down-to-earth examples. If you get a chance to study with her, do it!
Christy  Raleigh, NC

I recently took a corporate wellness class with Amelia and it was amazing.  I love her as an instructor.  During our time together, I learned techniques to help me calm myself down during times of stress and also some really interesting ways to work with intention to help me be more present with myself. What she taught me has been so amazing in my day-to-day life!    As a teacher, she is so relaxed and “put together” the entire class.   I gained so much insight and knowledge and I absolutely think you should take a course with her!  You’ll absolutely love her.  She’s darling (and so knowledgeable!).
– Kathleen    Durham, NC

Amelia rocks.  She’s funny. She’s great at what she teaches. And, she’s sensitive in the way that everyone in the class gets something personal from her. She just knew exactly what I was needing during the workshops. She also can articulate difficult and complicated subjects with grace. She’s also so light-hearted and makes you feel so at home with the material, even though it is at times complicated and deeply personal. I feel like I know myself better, and that there are deep parts of me that are better understood (but without judgment, only beautiful curiosity).
– Anya  Holly Springs, NC

“I felt that this [Level 1] class was an excellent introduction to the Healing Touch Program and I am excited to continue my development. Amelia is a wonderful, kind hearted, dedicated, and talented teacher and I feel blessed to have experienced this class.”
– Mary  Clemmons, NC

“Amelia is an amazing instructor – kind, patient, and full of energy. She knows her stuff and demonstrates it beautifully. Love her sense of humor!”
– Karen  PA

“Amelia is amazing. Her energy, caring spirit and knowledge is awesome. She made me feel welcome and comfortable with who I am and the techniques. The handbooks is full knowledge and awesome. Thanks so much.”
– Paula  Raleigh, NC

“Amelia, I just wanted to thank you again for all your hard work, positive energy and patience with us newbies. You have a sincere and warm teaching style. The heart to heart meditation and chakra spread was beautiful to experience and I can definitely feel the benefits on many levels. I will see where this guides me. With much gratitude, E”
– Ellen  Raleigh, NC

“Thank you for helping me in this wonderful spiritual transition. I look forward to learning more and hopefully seeing you somewhere down this path of growth and learning. Leaving today I feel more well-balanced and healed both physically and spiritually.”
– Lynnea Asheville, NC

“Amelia, You are an amazing teacher, and your love and radiant joy for this work came shining through!

I have attended Healing Touch Levels 1-3 and a two advanced energy medicine classes. Your class is one of the very best in terms of information delivery, practice, sharing, and building a sense of community among the participants.

You rock! I look forward to many more joyous Healing Touch learning experiences with you as we move forward.”
– Christy Durham, NC  

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